I have been trying out Hera on several PCs:

  1. Workstation with a SuperMicro X9SRL-F mobo with a XEON CPU
  2. PC with an ASUS H97M-E mobo and an Intel i3 CPU.
  3. ThinkPad L380 Yoga with an i5 8th gen CPU.

I've been playing around with Hera on my ThinkPad and on my i3 PC and I'm happy with it.

The issue I have is that unlike KALI, the Hera install bootable USB does not seem to like booting from Legacy mode. AFAIK the SuperMicro mobo does not seem to support UEFI boot mode, only Legacy.

If I want to install it on my XEON workstation, what steps should I follow?

I appreciate your support! Sincerely, Khan

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