Last 6 months I had used the elementary OS in my PC as dual boot OS, with Windows 10 OS. I have 2 hard disks in my PC, one 240 SSD, and HDD. Both OS are installed on SSD and HDD using for storing data files. I have only one user in my elementary OS with administrator privilege. But when I access the files in another hard disk in elementary OS, there are message shows like below.

enter image description here

But there is only one user in the elementary OS. then how can I get this message? Or is this a bug in elementary OS?

  • Please right click on the folder where your are trying to paste, choose "Properties" from the context menu, and report here the information given under the "Permissions" tab. i.e. who is the owner and what are the owner, group and global read/write/execute permissions. As Admin, can you change the permissions? Was the location created by Windows or Linux? – Jeremy Wootten Jul 30 at 14:31

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