Quick info that could be helpful: OS Version: elementary OS 5.0 Juno (i don't know why it didn't update)

Okay, so I was trying to extend my 19GB ext4 partition because that was where all my user data is stored on, and some system stuff needed to run the OS due to the computer giving me notifications saying it was running out of storage on "Filesystem root". At the time I set up elementary OS (about more then a year and a half ago) I partitioned the hard drive incorrectly. with waaaay to little storage and was thinking it would work fine I was following a online guide on how to set up elementary OS. Should I reinstall the OS? I can set up all my stuff again and can retrieve some of my file by booting into Chromium OS via a USB flash drive and accessing the files app. Then copy it into the USB drive's downloads folder so yeah. When I ran out of storage and tried to reboot my computer i got a kernel panic screenenter image description here

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