In random time, my screen looks like when i active contrst mode, but the problem is that i cant see nothing, all the white parts o texts tunr into black and same for blacks turning into white, i check my driver graphics and RAM usage, its under normal, i check tunrnin on the contrast mode and the nocturn light, i check my monitor looking for some magnetic ionterference or somethign physical, and rebooting the system, and pluggin off the hdmi and cleaning the hardware, but nothing. the problem resolve itself in about 5 minutes, all colours come back slowly. and as you can see on the image, my apps on normal mode (no dark) looks rainy and reverted, but the text and colours on my app of music, wich is in on Dark mode looks almost normal.and the second iamge its when everything is normal. now, i was using ubuntu 20 until last week, and come to elementary beacause the same problem, i know elementary is based on ubuntu but thought that was an error exclusive of Ubuntu 20, now its happening again here on elementary, its some bug already reported or its only me ,..and how doo you think it can be fixed....helpe me please...and sorry about my english.

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Provide the laptop model and type in terminal uname -a to show the kernel version. It may be related to kernel or to hardware, for example faulty GPU. I have no idea how experienced with the terminal you are. – Sysadmin Jul 14 '20 at 14:27

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