Only user-wide installation is done when installing Flatpak apps in AppCenter, with normal or admin user. System-wide installation can be done in Terminal. But then it won't be reflected in AppCenter. Which means no update notification for those system-wide installed apps.

Is it possible to do system-wide installation in AppCenter?


It is not currently possible.

However, there is ongoing work to support this. I can't give a specific date as to when that feature would be ready, but I would hope it would be complete by the release of elementary OS 6.0


Developers of the Elementary OS are not answering questions on forum. Report it on Elementary OS github. Maybe they will answer. But I doubt. Besides I recommend to read the guide: flatpak guide

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    Developers do answer questions on StackExchange occasionally. GitHub is not the correct place for questions, so please don't suggest people ask questions there. It should only be used for bug reports and feature requests. – David Hewitt Jun 29 '20 at 9:55
  • Really? I have never seen any professional answer from them. – Sysadmin Jun 30 '20 at 5:51

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