I got my system to be in darkmode, except for the meta menu, calendar, system tray and power options from the top panel. Also, every app is now dark mode, except for system-settings its child windows.

I've used 'prefer dark mode' in system settings and this this repo. to get to where what's it at now. Anyone know how I can fix this?



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I'm using elementary tweaks to archieve dark mode, which don't have problem for dropdown menu of wingpanel.

elementary tweaks


For System Settings, dark mode doesn't apply after recent upate. Fix can be found below.


Replace the file at


with the contents of


and change the value of PrefersColorScheme property to 1.

  • strange, I used tweak tools too for dark mode, but the drop downs are very mich light mode for me. Commented Jun 28, 2020 at 19:57

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