Essentially what Protonmail bridge does is create a local server which should interact with the mail client. The bridge is working correctly with Thunderbird.

However, when configured with Pantheon Mail, I face the following issue.

  1. The 'loading' indicator never stops spinning. This is somewhat similar to this question. However, in the user's case it loads messages in the left pane. In my case this, does not happen. However, the folder and label names load correctly.

My question is

  1. How to start debugging this issue? I tried running pantheon-mail --debug but nothing is displayed in the terminal.

  2. And How to take steps in resolving it?

It's about time guys. In the referenced issue,

eljefuri commented: on 12 Nov 2018 Given how Mail now works in master, I assume that this needs to be done as a switchboard-plug-onlineaccounts integration. Mind you, I do not yet understand how that works, but I have a feeling that the issue does not belong here exactly.

The function of Switchboard-plug-onlineaccounts is not clear to me as well. But I have set it up and enabled the Mail functionality. Mail Functionality Enabled However, Once settings is quit, the above checked state reverts back to off and the checkbox unchecked. I am not sure whether it is relevant in this case or not.


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