I'm trying to connect a pair of recently-bought bluetooth headphones and I'm not having any luck. The process fails intermittently at every posible step of the way. Sometimes they don't appear as available to pair with. Sometimes they do, but when I try to pair, it can't ("Unable to connect" appears on the screen). Sometimes I manage to pair and connect them, but then the sound is incredibly choppy and laggy. Especially when the wifi is on (which is all the time).

I have similar problems when trying to connect a bluetooth keyboard. Successfully pairing it is almost impossible and even when I do, keypresses lag and hang, resulting in incomprehensible text made up of rrrrrrrrrrreeppppppeeatted letters.

All these issues happen when using either the build-in bluetooth settings or blueman-manager. I tried many proposed solutions (such as changing AutoEnable=true in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf) and nothing seems to work.

It's not a hardware issue, since both headphones and keyboard pair and work well when booting on Windows.

I'm out of ideas and would love some input into the issue.

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