Right now if I have 2 workspaces and I have a program, let's say Firefox, open on workspace 1 then when I am on workspace 2 it shows it as open (the small blue dot underneath)

That always gets me confused and I click on it, thinking that it will maximize the instance in that workspace when in reality it switches me to the workspace it's open.

The workaround I have for now is to unpin (untick all programs I had enabled "Keep in dock") everything from the dock and turn on "Restrict to workspace" in preferences/behaviour. This is not ideal but it's preferable to being transported to a different workspace every time I click on something.

Is this an issue that is filed as a bug somewhere? (i.e. will waiting for the next release fix this? Can I upvote the issue somewhere so people know this is needed by the community?)

Is there a better workaround or an alternative program that I can replace plank with?

Thanks in advance!

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    I have found a solution here: forum.manjaro.org/t/… You have to clone the git resource provided and compile it on your own. If you need a help with compiling it, let me know, I will provide a tutorial step by step how to make it work. – Sysadmin Jun 14 at 21:00

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