How to install elementary OS using the 'Something else' option at the partitioning step.

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Note : This can also be used to reinstall elementary OS. To reinstall skip the partition steps.

Partitoning :

Before using something else option allocate space to install elementary OS.

Open Gparted then select partiton you want to allocate for elementary OS. Right click --> Delete.

Step1: Now right click on the partition --> New --> extended partition. and ext4 File system.


Step2 : Make Partitions for swap, /root and /home.

Now Right click on the /sda2 and select Resize/Move

Here -- sda2 extended

   sda5 format swap - 
   sda6 format ext4 - 
   sda7 format ext4 -


  1. You can choose swap size same as size of your RAM. Generally 4GB swap is enough.

  2. 20 GiB is enough for /root.

    See system specifications, at least 15 GB of disk space needed.

  3. /home is the filesystem for your user's files: documents, images, music and videos


Now your partition table similar to like this:



Now start installing and then select something else option.



select /sda5 --> click on change button (at left corner) you will see popup like this:


Now click on drop down button select swap area.


Similarly for /sda6 and /sda7 select ext4 / and ext4 /home respectively.

Now click on Install Now

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