I am having an issue with playonlinux. I have installed wine 2.7-staging through playonlinux because a exe file I am trying to install works only on that version. When I create the virtual drive and when the wine config window is suppose to open, it does but as like a line, I can move it around so I know it's a window, but I can't interact with it at all. This only happens when I try to install an exe with a wine version that is not my system.

What I have tried/my research

I have read through every forum with my exact issue, but none of the solutions worked. Specifically I tried delete my libz.so files from the wine version I installed with POL on both my amd64 and x86, in both lib and lib64 folders, but it does not work, the wine config won't even launch when I do that and POL gives me a wine error. That is the solution that pretty much every forum had, but it does not work for me. One thing that keeps popping up in almost every thread I found was something about freetype and font, which I think was the libz files, but I'm not sure. I wonder if any of you had a similar issue. I'm at a loss haha.

Thank you for any replies!

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