I followed the guide to install ROCm here

After the command /opt/rocm/bin/rocminfo I got this :

ROCk module is loaded
Failed to get user name to check for video group membership
hsa api call failure at: /data/jenkins-workspace/compute-rocm-rel-3.3/rocminfo/rocminfo.cc:1102
Call returned HSA_STATUS_ERROR_OUT_OF_RESOURCES: The runtime failed to allocate the necessary resources. This error may also occur when the core runtime library needs to spawn threads or create internal OS-specific events.

It obviously failed, but why is that? I'm looking to install ROCm for OpenCL support on my RX 580, normally, you would install the proprietary drivers from AMD but since you can't do that on elementary, here I am.

This is my setup, should you need it. enter image description here

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