I'm not referring to Gnome Look, but an equivalent. Is there a similar site that only lists apps and themes for elementary OS?

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There are a few websites

  • Webby ppa is not working in Loki.
    – user170
    Feb 2, 2017 at 14:33

As a complement/update for Loki to the other answer which redirects to sites like "Apps for Elementary" I want to keep an update on this, gradually adding here some info on the apps that I test.

There are these reviews on some of the apps on Youtube: Elementary 3rd Party Apps Reviews.

But that review, as well as the linked addresses seem to be from the Freya period.

In Loki some of the apps are now default, like Calculator, or are very commonly used, like Tweaks.

Webby, the web app browser, has a ppa that doesn't work in Loki.

Translator is meant for translating text between seven languages, works in Loki. Also includes a dictionary.

enter image description here

The translation engine it Yandex, not as good as Google Translate, at least for now.

Hourglass works fine; it includes alarm, timer and stopwatch.

enter image description here

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