oem-config has been enabled thorugh grub and a brand new installation of Elelentary is performed. The installer is online during the process as oem-config-prepare needs fetching during the install.

-- These problems only occur if one of the two desktop environments isn't manually selected before typing the password (both plasma and pantheon are both unticked or unslelected by default on first boot) --

Upon first login of the oem account, there is a "logon error message 1" after typing oem's password. If instead you then manually select either of the desktop options such as panther or plasma the system attempts to login but hangs on a black screen.

From either of the above scenarios a simple reboot allows normal access, and the system can be prepared for the new user.

However, after running oem-config-prepare the new user now faces the same problem after completing the new user setup.

They can't initially login with their new account without "login error message 1" or, if they then manually choose plasma or panther and they get a black screen.

Again, a simple reboot allows full access to their new machine.

Any suggestions how how to remedy this please? Or, specifically a fix for the logon for the end user.

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