I'm trying to use Elementary OS with NVIDIA drivers, and I have a two monitor layout. However, I disabled my secondary monitor to allow high refresh rates to work properly on my primary monitor. But whenever I restart Elementary, the settings don't save. I don't want to unplug the second monitor since I am dual booting Windows with it.

Anyone have any idea how to work around this?

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There is an easier option to use Super+p to cycle display modes, this way with a few pressings on the p key while you hold the Super key you will go through all setups until you have the one with the diabled secondary monitor. I believe your settings are saved into ~/.config/monitors.xml file, but for some reason after restart the OS searches for a dual monitor setup and starts with it first. What I did before for a simular problem was to edit this file and remove all the settings excluding the monitor setup I want to use, but it was not permanent for a long time.

note: ~ above means your home folder.

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