This has been annoying me a lot recently. Is there a way to disable the "Run" context menu for some specific mimetypes to make it always "Open with <insert default application here>?" For some reason it's not remembering my default application for Lua files. No matter how many times I hit "Open with" and keep the "Keep as default" option checked, I have to repeat the same thing every time. I don't want to run it, I want to open it!

Blank open with submenu

I looked up some stuff and tried editing the mimetype section in the applications desktop entry, but that seems to have no effect. I would appreciate if anyone knows how to change this. By the way, I'm using sublime-text-3 if that matters at all.


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Using scratch-text-editor to write a simple lua script, these are seen as text files. When marked as "executable" I get the "Run" option, but the "Open With" menu offers text editors. If you do not want to run these files then I suggest you try changing the Properties to remove the "execute" permission. This will stop the "Run" option appearing.

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