I've managed to integrate an AppImage into the system so it shows up in the application menu, be able to open files by adding %F to the end of the executable path... which is all fine and dandy. But i still need to use "Open With" to open a file with that AppImage application.

Is there a way to make a file be automatically associated with that specific application so it just opens it as the "default" application instead of using "Open With".

Pardon if i missed the question where this exact issue was answered, I've tried to search for this exact type of question but couldn't find one, maybe because I'm quite a newbie to Linux in general.

UPDATE - i just noticed that after i open a file with that application once it remembers it as the default applicaiotn. So this is fine, but i still want to make certain file types automatically decide to open with that application with out me having to open each file type manually.

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