i'm trying out flatpak. The only app I have trouble with is firefox. After starting it, it creates 2 icons in dock. They both show the firefox logo but one is more blurry than the other. The blurry one is the one with the blue point on it, indicating I have one instance running. The sharp icon disappears a few seconds after starting firefox. But when I right-click the blurry icon all I can do is close the window whereas I expect to see multiple options like "new window" and such. Likewise clicking this icon with the middle-mouse doesn't do anything.

This does not happen when installing firefox via apt. I get one sharp icon that contains all the expected options upon right clicking. This does also not happen with any different apps I installed via flatpak. They all only create one sharp icon upon starting with the expected options upon rightlicking the icon.

  • I have a same problem. Few weeks ago I installed elementary os and I had the same problem. That's why switched back to Ubuntu, but on the end I gave a chance to elementary os once again, but still same problem awaits me. It's not a big problem, but it's annoying. – Miljan Trajkovic Jul 6 at 18:58

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