I just bought a cheapo Chuwi Herobook Pro that has Win10 pre-installed. set up eOS 5.1 on dual boot, all works but for wifi. My machines wifi is a Realtek rtl8723be which has known issues with Linux. Apparently it has two antenna slots but only one antenna connected, so sitting right next to the router I could see the router with one bar, but could not connect. After trying all the fixes I could find I still had no wifi, so I closed the lid and left it be. Coming back later and logging in after suspend I had full wifi. So to test I shut down and restarted, and once again no wifi. Instead of closing the lid I just used the suspend option and the logged back in. Sure enough, wifi is working. So now I have to boot up, log in, suspend out, log back in and I have wifi. Any thoughts on how to fix this issue?


it looks like there is a way to force antenna selection for that driver.

Check out this post:

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