I have a huge question, recently I wanted to use elementary os as the main system on my desktop computer again, everything works great but I have a problem with the audio input devices, when using my condenser microphone it has a hum and a strange interference when capturing the audio, this happened to me with another microphone, I did everything to fix it, the microphone is jack input and I tried to connect it on the front panel and on the rear panel but nothing works I wanted to know if this could be solved if I acquire a usb sound card? or what they recommend me to do in this case, I have elementary on my laptop and I am used to working with this system but at the moment I require a lot from the microphone. good day

It's been a week since I had this problem, as I mentioned in the previous message I bought an external sound card through USB and in the same way the problem you perceived, when I capture the microphone there is still this strange hum and a cracking noise when I speak (to describe it in some way) in the audio, if someone has had this problem please help me solve it, this is the only reason why I do not have elementary os installed on my main system.

PD.Sorry for my English, I still haven't mastered it.

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