When trying to install elementary ( first time) it boots, i go through the entire installation process, and then, when i restart the computer, it tells me to "remove installation media and press enter". When i do so, the computer restarts and then tells me " No bootable device found ". I don't know why it does that, it seems like it hasn't installed it. I tried doing that without removing the usb drive but it just goes through the installation process again. I'm on a acer inspire btw

  • have you tried modifying the boot order in the BIOS (i.e make the HDD boot before the USB drive)?
    – Simon H
    Apr 28 '20 at 20:56

If it is it a dual boot probably /boot/efi partition is not created. I recommend to manually create partitions / - 50 - 100 GB /boot/efi - 1024 - 2048 MB /home - 50 - 100 GB /var - 25 - 50 GB /swap - 8192 MB Other partitions can be created but it is not necessary.

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