I know its a little bit offtopic but is anyone here using conky on the eOS desktop or has a good adapted conky file to use. Since DesktopFolders is not very stable for me and also the eOS team is somehow right to not load all the files on the desktop :) I want to use the desktop to display basic information of the system

what I have in mind is: a nice spotify information icon wetter information Virtualbox stats (basically if a VM is running or not) and maybe basic system information, depends on the layout and then I will be also able to get rid of some indicator icons as well

I am not familiar with conky and I am really lacking of skills to get this default conky templates ready for something nice integrated.

much appreciate every input @admins: if this is too offtopic, just let me know :)

thanks and stay safe

  • Hi what problem are you trying to solve exactly please? What kind of system resources are you looking to monitor? Might this article help? It's not Conky though. – feoh Apr 28 at 15:16

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