So love Elementary OS but confused by DNS. Read another answer to a similar question but didn't understand it. Hoping someone can explain a little more clearly. My issue is resolving local hostnames. This is the testing I have done.

I have a little Raspberry Pi set up on the same network. The hostname is "raspberrypi". It is registered in DNS and I have confirmed that its hostname can be resolved using local DNS from other machines.

If I open a terminal window in Elementary and ping www.bbc.co.uk, www.amazon.co.uk or other external sites DNS resolves correctly. However if I ping the Pi - eg "raspberrypi" I simply get "Name or Service not known". Same if I try to SSH to raspberrypi - I get the same message with the added note - name cannot be resolved.

When i run "nslookup raspberrypi" it fails and returns as the name server its using?

If I run "nslookup raspberrypi" - specifying my default internal DNS server it works fine and can resolve it.

If I run "systemd-resolve --status" I can see that is set as the DNS server for my wireless interface.

So why isn't Elementary using the DNS server set to resolve localhost names?

Can anyone explain? Thanks


  • What ip route shows in Elementary terminal?
    – Sysadmin
    Apr 27, 2020 at 16:48

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Machines on your local network don't automatically get DNS resolvable names assigned to them. You'd need to run a local DNS server or use something like pihole for that.

An easier, more immediate fix however might be to simple add an entry into your /etc/hosts file like this:      raspberrypi

that will make your pi addressable by name on this particular machine. You'd need to add a similar entry to any other machine you want to access your pi by name with.

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