if I want to connect to a WIFI its not prompting for the password and remains on encrypted?

any hint?

its not even possible if I set the SSID and PSK for a new network So I am only able to connect to the network which I set on the initial setup

enter image description here

  • Is it your own Wi-Fi network or public? – Sysadmin Apr 27 '20 at 17:30
  • thats my home network also tried my phone hotspot its not promting for the PSK for all networks its not working on the wingpanel nor in the network settings – dford Apr 27 '20 at 17:32
  • I do not understand that it is not prompting for psk. PSK is encryption method. How you are setting up your router? What is the model of the router? – Sysadmin Apr 27 '20 at 17:36
  • ah sorry... PreSharedKey, the password so I am not able to set the password due its not prompting for it I have different access point models (Cisco, Alcatel and linksys) and I also tried it on different locations and SSIDs – dford Apr 27 '20 at 17:38
  • its just one SSID with WPA2 authentication – dford Apr 27 '20 at 17:38

I had to set the WIFI password in the network settings on Security to be able to connect to it.

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