Seems to be like my Matebook D15 is having issues when i turn on the bluetooth adapter meanwhile im using the wifi.

Example: Im on youtube (with the bluetooth adapter off) watching a 1080p video with absolutely no problems.

If i turn on the bluetooth adapter and connect my headphones. The youtube video stars to get stucked loading the video like a slow internet connection. i adjunt an lshw of my lap.

enter image description here

  • I had the same problem when i connect my bluetooth earpiece. is there any solution for this ? – user24739 Dec 30 '20 at 4:05

I have that same problem, but it is not consistent. If I reconnect the headphones it is mostly gone. Do you use a docking station or something else too? I have a Dell D6000, which introduced some problems in that area too. PS: cannot add this as a comment, as reputation is missing. :-(

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