I wanted to install elementary OS Hera, but failed numerous times. I get the "errno 5 input/output" error during installation. I searched through forums and what not and tried everything they mentioned:

1. Flashing ISO & DD both; 2. Checking for damaged sectors (none); 3. Using Ext4 & Ext3 both; 4. Installing directly and through "Try Elementary"; 5. Checking HASH in rufus (it's the same); 6. Tried the commands in the terminal (ubiquity --no-migration-assistant); 7. Testing RAM for problems (none); 8. Secure boot is off

Maybe the only thing I haven't tried is installing with a CD. I forgot to mention I am using a 1TB USB flash drive.

I have a laptop "Toshiba Satellite p50-c-169".

PS: NTFS file system + GPT partition

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I had the same issue and i tried the following things.

  • Downloading the iso again
  • Did hash check and found it's ok
  • Recreate the USB using Unetbootin, then Startup disk creator

But none of the above worked. Finaly what worked was, i wrote the image to a DVD using Brasero and tried. It worked like charm.

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