In Elementary OS 5.1 Hera the native terminal has three "profiles" (is it really profiles?): Dark, High Contrast, Solarized Light. Ideally I would like to add a new profile "Nord" which uses the nord palette or if it's not possible to change only the Dark profile accordingly. Is it possible? If so how to achieve it properly?

UPDATE: So far I was able to change palette via dconf Editor by setting it to #3b4252:#bf616a:#a3be8c:#ebcb8b:#81a1c1:#b48ead:#88c0d0:#e5e9f0:#4c566a:#bf616a:#a3be8c:#ebcb8b:#81a1c1:#b48ead:#8fbcbb:#eceff4

I also changed foreground/background to #d8dee9 and rgba(46,52,64,0.95) respectively. The problem with the approach is as soon as I switch from Dark to Solirized Light and go back to Dark my custom defined foreground/background colors return to defaults. So the question is: Is it possible to preserve my custom defined colors for Dark mode?

  • Seems like you've already found the actual answer, but something to note here is that the Elementary developers decided to purposefully restrict the color choices in Terminal three palette sets so anything you do outside of that is going to be at risk of conflicting with the defaults. If you need finer grained control you can install Gnome Terminal instead, but again that's kind of coloring outside the lines as Elementary is designed to be an "Omakase" experience :)
    – feoh
    Apr 20, 2020 at 19:57

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I'd commented on this but I'm actually going to answer. It's not possible to preserve your custom palette changes made with dconf editor when switching themes that I'm aware of.

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    Yes, changes in dconf are temporary. But maybe just maybe there are some other config files that I can edit and setup my own defaults for Dark profile? Something like gtk.css for customizing wingpanel manually.
    – daGo
    Apr 21, 2020 at 4:46

You Can change two ways:

  1. System-wide by editing gtk-dark.css only.

  2. Or only changing color palette for terminal only by editing below file:


Here is the results either way enter image description here

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