I connected my speakers to 3.5mm port in the back of my pc(on the motherboard) and OS doesn't detect them. I went to "Sound" settings and there were only my headphones and HDMI output because my monitor has speakers.

Note that I just installed Elementary OS today and haven't played around with drivers or anything.

How do I detect my newly connected speakers?

I'm using Hera 5.1.3



The may be detected, but muted on the system. You may check this question and its answer, it may help your problem: Low Audio Volume Elementary OS 5.1.3 Hera

  • Thanks for the answer, but if I can't see them in my Sound settings, how can I make them default device over headphones? I don't want to play them both in the same time.
    – crodev
    Apr 16 '20 at 14:58

In the end, I just plug out my headphones when I want to use speakers and it automatically switches to speakers, and when I want to use headphones, I just plug them back in.

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