This is stymying. It's a fairly common dialog that I've just not seen the answer. The answer has to be there as I'm the only one asking ...

I start with APPER and choose to export an install script, which is exactly what I need to do BEFORE I reinstall and hopefully remove the problems I'm getting from TWEAKS and the latest version. Then I get an interactive window where I can traverse the directory tree. Many apps use this window. Until I figure it out, I'm stuck all over. So I've tried all sorts of key combinations ctrl, fn, (window) and alt. But I keep hoping that the universal '?' or F1 keys would hotlink to a quick help or that an extended hover would display a tip. I try the 'Universal' or accessibility part of the setup. Other OS have something similar to the color scheme or entry style that voice-over (speak selection) would show. I couldn't find anything to help. I do wish these ket bindings would be part of a help window though. It's hard to like OSX help screen broad strokes that display when there's no context help. Until now I see that it's a perfect response when there's no help function for the container.

Just in case, here are the screenshots :

Notice how in the image below I can pick out the destination action item in the top.It's so much easier as a user to determine my action goal.

This is a typical start. From the app, I choose an action that's going to ask for a file name. My goal is to export a file to recreate the steps necessary to recreate the install steps I took after the initial install. It's a great improvement on OSX installs that the install can be read for added packages.

  • This really isn't a clear question and I have no idea what you're asking. I notice in your 3rd screenshot that the dialog that's asking you to choose a file/location is missing the Cancel and Open/Save buttons though. If that's what you're trying to ask a question about, then this is a result of the changes you've made to themes/settings. See:elementaryos.stackexchange.com/questions/1638/… – David Hewitt Apr 17 '20 at 13:18

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