I have this situation: my nb (a Mi Air 12.5" 2018) has US keyboard layout. After 2 years I'm now got used to this keyboard layout.

As the screen is quite small, I usually plug the notebook to an external monitor and use a wireless keyboard and mouse. The wireless keyboard has the italian layout, so, when using the computer to do my stuff, to be more at ease, I switch the layout in eOS (btw, it's Hera) to italian, using the combination Alt+Switch

The thing is that in the lock screen the layout is set no matter what in English and sometimes I lose time to try to remember which key in the italian keyboard corresponds to the US one. Is there a way to swtich the layout of the keyboard "on the fly" in the lock screen?

I don't want to set the main keyboard to italian as suggested, for example here, as when I'm not at home the notebook has the US physical keyboard

I mean, it's not a big issue, but if there could be a way to fix this annyoing thing it would be more than appreciated; I hope to have clearly stated my issue

Thanks in advance!

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