I'm trying to swap "change keyboard layout" shortcut with "application menu" shortcut; it became universal that changing language is "super+space" and i've used KDE a lot and i got used to "alt+space" to launch something similar to highlight in MAC OS.

I've managed to edit "super+space" and make it "alt+space" using dconf-tool.

But when i failed to edit "alt+shift" to make it "super+space".

I found two ways, the first is deprecated from freya which is found in org.pantheon.desktop.gala.keybindings.switch-input-source

and the second is in


I tried to

  1. make the value of "xkb-options" = ['grp:super_shiftspace_toggle']

  2. edit /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules and set any file containing grp:alt_shift_toggle Alt+Shift into grp:super_space_toggle Super+Space

  3. repeated number 2 but just adding not replacing the value

The only reason i want to change "alt+shift" is that it interferes/prevents any combination of keys that has alt+shift inside of it (for example in intellij ctrl+alt+shift+s it skips shift, and 100% the reason is the alt+shift keyboard layout shortcut because when i changed/disabled it nothing caused this issue)

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