I recently installed Elementary OS as my only OS on a late 2015 MacBook Pro 2.4GHz Retina. All is well and I'm learning the basics of Linux as well as some intermediate stuff. I have an issue though, specifically to do with the Suspend operation when the lid is closed. It will suspend, denoted by the apple logo going dark and the fans stopping, but after a seemingly random interval of time that is anywhere from 10 - 20 second the MacBook powers up again, same delay and then off again in a seemingly endless cycle. This continues until the laptop id fully drained of power.

My questions:

How do I stop this from happening? i.e. When i close the lid it will go to sleep and stay asleep Whys is this happening? As explained before I'm learning all I can

Thanks in advance for all your guys help. I will award kudos or whatever Stackexchange uses as upvote material as a prize for the correct answer!

Also, I'm running the most recent build of Elementary OS build on 18.04. Any other questions, don't hesitate!

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