I have tried a few Ubuntu distributions where python comes pre-installed, therefore having some problems in package management during the development processes.

Some Linux distributions include Python on default. Does elementary OS have that, or is it coming Python-free?

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Yes, it does come installed by default.

Open a terminal session (press Supr+t or search for terminal in Slingshot) and enter:

$ python

This will give you access to Python 2.

If you need to work with Python 3, the command is:

$ python3
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    python3 is the correct command for python 3
    – Ben
    Commented Oct 8, 2015 at 9:47

Yes,python2 and python3 comes in default with elementary OS.

But here python2==python and python3==python3

Open terminal and run the commands:

To find version of python2:

Open terminal and run-

python -V


python --version

To find version of python3:

python3 -V


python3 --version

For reference Open terminal and run man python

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