I configure my account in Elementary OS, and I want duplicate this account. I just want to gain all setting, exactly configure my desktop.

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Let's assume your account is Alice, and your duplicated account should be Bob. Sorry, my screenshots are in German, but I will explain it in English.

  1. Create the second account Bob by using System preferences (switchboard), user plug. Add name Bob, the password and so on. After that, login with this user to create the home folder (will be found in /home/bob/).

  2. Start Files as admin (please be aware that working with root privileges could be dangerous) by typing in terminal: gksudo pantheon-files. Please type your password.

  3. Find the two home folders of Alice and Bob (/home/alice/ and /home/bob/). Type Ctrl+H to see hidden files.
  4. Copy all folders beginning with . from Alice's home folder to Bob's home folder.

Going with this, your accounts now have the same settings, after new login.

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