is there a way to set multiple sets of preferences for pantheon terminal, and invoke multiple instances using different preferences?

thanks, Dan

  • What do you mean with "preferences"? Could you give an example?
    – bigbang
    Oct 4 '15 at 7:36

I believe it is not possible, in current version of pantheon-terminal, to have multiple "user profiles", what I believe is the "preferences" you're asking.

If you really need it, a good option is the gnome-terminal that have this feature. (and it's written in gtk so it doesn't look too diferent from the rest of elementary OS)

Just install via

sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal -y

Change your preferences in Edit > Profile Preferences menu. Save multiple preferences in Edit > Profiles...

If you want to use it as the default terminal, run

sudo update-alternative --config x-terminal-emulator

and select it from the list.

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