For one login, the keyboard shortcut Command+E flashes a LibreOffice window (I've installed it) instead of opening Files. But for another login, the shortcut opens Files OK. As far as I can tell, the shortcut has been defined the same way for both logins ... but there's obviously a difference ... which I can not pinned down: any help would be appreciated !

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You can see what system keyboard shortcuts are set up on your system by looking in System Settings/Keyboard/Shortcuts. On my system <Super>E launches a new Files window because I have a custom shortcut set up which runs io.elementary.files -n ~. Variable results from the same action suggests a race between two processes both responding to the same shortcut.

  • I did that and it works ... still, there's a shortcut doing this in the Applications shortcuts section that does exactly that and that used to work. I don't know what's launched but I see a LibreOffice logo flashing. Thanks anyway the shortcut is working even though not the way it should. Mar 31, 2020 at 17:21

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