Mouse gesture in Elementary OS

This is a screenshot of what appears to be some mouse gestures functionality in my Elementary OS. If i hold down secondary mouse click, it draws out the path that i do with my mouse. But none of the basic directions or patterns that i've tried have ever resulted in anything happening. It just shows the gesture i draw, and then plays that "error" notification sound when i let go of the button, as if to say that this gesture doesn't exist.

But there is nothing about "gestures" in my settings, and i don't find anything when i search for "elementary os gestures" on the web (except for multi-touch gestures, but this isn't it).

Where is this coming from? And what does it do? I don't usually install a lot of 3rd party stuff, so this has me confused. It looks like a stray functionality somehow, that I don't know how to get rid of...

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