I recently started using elementary OS on my laptop (Ideapad s340 w/ Ryzen 3500U) as I need to use linux for better docker/maven integration.

I have spent many hours customizing it and I'm completely satisfied with the way it looks and feels... when plugged in. When I boot on battery power I get:

-Black screen after grub and elementary os logo mmost of the time

-When it actually boots and I enter my password it takes AGES to load the desktop

-When by any miracle it boots and doesn't freeze I get no transparency on my top bar

-"Failed to write reg..." on shutdown and restart

Currently have "elementary os 5.1.2 Hera" with kernel "5.3.0-42-generic"

I have read some tweaks online but most of them are for ubuntu or not from my hardware, has anyone here successfully fixed this issue (clearly ryzen specific) either by editing boot parameters or updating the kernel to 5.5? Or anyhting else, really, I'd do anything to be able to use this os with my customizations without having to wait for a certain kernel version "which will for sure solve every amd issue" in like 5 years.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: Noticed that even on battery power it boots fine on recovery mode, so I installed mesa drivers and followed this 4 year old tutorial and it boots fine now: OS Freya only boots in recovery mode and doesnt hibernate Still would love some other solution as it is still a lot slower than it should be but at least it's stable now.

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