How can I remove the battery indicator on elementary OS 5.1.2 Hera? I am on a desktop computer, so I don't need that indicator. It is showing up, because I have a Bluetooth mouse, but it is always showing 55% remaining, so it is not useful.

Thank you for your answers!

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Just do:

  1. sudo apt-get remove wingpanel-indicator-power
  2. killall wingpanel
  • How would a normal user figure this out on their own? Like how would I know that the top bar is called wingpanel, and that the only way to customize it is by uninstalling a package. I appreciate your answer but I'd like to learn how to customize my machine on my own. Every other answer was saying to uninstall indicator-power and even that is not obvious to figure out.
    – mrossman
    Jul 14, 2021 at 3:14

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