I tried to install Bitdefender Antivirus protection on the last Elementary version 5.1.2. but it did not work with the command line.

(I want to use bitdefender, because I use it for my W10 and Mac devices)

Q1 is it possible at all? Q2 how do I do this when it is possible? Q3 if it is not possible with bitdefender , is there an alternative?

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Bitdefender is proprietary software. It is up to them to provide a version for Linux.

edit - I mean a home version. they have endpoint for business users.

edit 2 - I should have included some alternatives. If you are comfortable with the command line, try Sophos. That is what I use. Ages ago I used a trial of ESAT NOD32 and it was quite good, but a little intrusive.

Consider if you really need an antivirus. I just use it as I share a lot of files with windows computers and don't want to pass on a virus from a windows file. there are very few actual Linux viruses.


You don't need a antivirus in Linux, there are almost no viruses for Linux and when a vulnerability for the Linux kernel the community solves the problem in less than a few hours. I've been using Linux for over a three years and never caught a single virus.

  • Not true at all. Partially you are right, but not to the end. I recommend to install ClamAV and scan once a week the whole hard drive.
    – Sysadmin
    Apr 25, 2020 at 12:12

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