How do I search for an app by starting to type on the desktop while the 'show all open windows' is displayed. e.g similar to gnome-shell top left hot corner in which you can just start typing an app name and it will display matches. I know clicking on the applications shortcut allows that, but it is an unnecessary step. Basically, how to I mimic the gnome shell type functionality. I've been using gnome-shell for years and can't unlearn this and can't live without it.

I've managed to set the top left corner as a hot corner for 'display all open windows', how do I now make the system start listening for keyboard strokes to search for applications without adding another click or keyboard stroke.

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This is not supported by now, maybe opening a freature request or searching them for the topic would give more insight, if it comes or not.

How can I report an issue or request a feature for elementary OS to the developers?

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