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This is my first time I'm trying to dual boot any Linux on my PC. I'm fairly new to Linux(except Debian with Rasp Pi) and couldn't find the solution on the web. Unfortunately I'm experiencing this issue from the start(during the setup). When I boot via USB created by RUFUS (elementary OS 5.1.2 Hera). I get an error message, also my screen looks like it got broken. From what I've found it has something to do with a wifi broadcom chip that is missing drivers. Although I find it hard to believe that this can block the whole setup process. Also lots of the text is unreadable. Is there any solution? My current pc setup:

Windows 10 pro

AMD Ryzen 3700X

Asus x570 Prime pro

MSI NVIDIA 1660 Super tried with both hdmi and displayport

Samsung EVO 970 SSD M.2


ASUS STX sound card enter image description here



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