I can launch pdf's in Adobe Acrobat Reader from Nautilus (Files) with a single click having set the default application in Pantheon. However in Pantheon itself I get an error "Could not open files or URLs with this app".

Acrobat launches normally otherwise including from the Firefox downloads drop down menu.

Any way to fix this as a symbolic link? Thanks.

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What it cames to my mind is to navigate with pantheon-files to a pdf file you want to open, right click on it, choose Open With and select Choose another application in the bottom of the list no matter that your favorite application is above.

This way you will launch a popup window with a list of the recommended for this file type applications. Choose the one you want and set On the checkbox below Set as default. If your application is not in the recommended applications list, choose View All Applications in order the list to be extended.

This is the easiest way to set a default application for a file extension.


Yes, done that. Doesn't work in Pantheon, works perfectly in Nautilus though. I'm thinking that Pantheon can't open 32bit apps?

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