I hard drives formatted with NTFS Windows 10. I want to read and write to these drives with elementary OS. How can I do?

NB: this solution don't work: How to setup your NTFS drives/partitions to mount on elementary OS startup?

  • Is Files listing these hard drives on the sidebar? What are the errors you're getting when trying to open these drives? Sep 30, 2015 at 14:30

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if you need it to mount automatically, you can use fstab:

~#vim etc/fstab

(or any another text editor you'd prefer.)

generally, fstab holds information about HDDs on your system which will (try to) be mounted on startup.


your NTFS petition probably isn't there, you want to find its UUID with

~# blkid

which will print something like

/dev/sda1: LABEL="System Reserved" UUID="80D42D64D42D5DA2" TYPE="ntfs" 
/dev/sda2: UUID="7A58439F584358D1" TYPE="ntfs" 
/dev/sda4: LABEL="storeage" UUID="82AE2422AE2410E9" TYPE="ntfs" 
/dev/sda5: UUID="40eafe67-64b6-4916-a310-0688a6c17675" TYPE="ext4" 
/dev/sda6: UUID="e9c1e289-075d-449d-90db-a84a11baaeed" TYPE="swap"

i want storeage (ik about the misspell D:) to be mounted on boot, so i add a new line to fstab:


now you want to specify the mount point for the petition:


now we tell the system to use ntfs-3g which is a recent lib that handles read/write to ntfs petitions, and a whole lot of another stuff related to it:

ntfs-3g auto,users,exec,permissions 0 0

please note the exec after users, it tells the system it is permitted to execute anything on the ntfs petition (executable bit always on) and this is a huge security hole, i just need it for my own reasons ;)

so the whole thing goes like

UUID=82AE2422AE2410E9 /media/storeage ntfs-3g auto,users,exec,permissions 0 0


UUID=<your_uuid> <mount point> ntfs-3g auto,users,exec,permissions 0 0

good luck!


Try using the device path:

parted -l

It will show some like this:

Modelo: ATA HGST HTS545050A7 (scsi)
Disco /dev/sda: 500GB

Tamaño de sector (lógico/físico): 512B/4096B

Tabla de particiones. gpt

Numero  Inicio  Fin    Tamaño  Sistema de archivos  
Nombre                        Banderas

 1      1049kB  316MB  315MB   ntfs                 Basic data 
partition          oculta, diag

 2      316MB   420MB  105MB   fat32                EFI system 
partition          arranque

 3      420MB   555MB  134MB                        Microsoft reserved 
partition  msftres

 4      555MB   108GB  107GB   ntfs                 Basic data 
partition          msftdata

 9      108GB   407GB  299GB   
ntfs                                               msftdata

 8      407GB   444GB  37.6GB  ext4

 7      444GB   470GB  25.4GB  ext4

11      470GB   493GB  23.6GB  freebsd-ufs          bsd

10      493GB   495GB  2147MB                       1

 6      495GB   500GB  4295MB  linux-swap(v1)

 5      500GB   500GB  472MB   
ntfs                                               oculta, diag

Look for the partition you want to mount, 9 in this case.

Try mounting:

sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o defaults,rw,uid=1000,users /dev/sda9 /media /mount-point

If it works, replace UUID in /etc/fstab (at partition config) with device path like /dev/sdXY.

PostData: Mount point must have been created

sudo mkdir /media/some-dir-name

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