Does anyone know how to address the issue of no sound after sleep (suspend) mode on Hera? If I select suspend/sleep mode or close the laptop lid and then wake the laptop opening it again, there is no audio/sound. However, the sound output shows Output Device: Speakers - Built-in-Audio. Every time I need to restart the computer to have the sound back to normal. So the audio works just fine after the restart, but not after sleep mode. It's interesting that the audio after the sleep mode DOES work but only through the headphones. I used Elementary OS on other machines in the past but never had this problem. This is a relatively recent install on a new laptop (Xiaomi Notebook Pro i7, 10th Intel+Nvidia). I tested these issues with other, similar distros Pop_OS, Zorin, and default Ubuntu; only Zorin seems to respond properly after the sleep mode. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

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