Been trying to install 5.1 on dual boot with windows 10. Created a bootable usb and it goes on right onto try or install elementary OS. I press enter and then nothing - screen stays black / blank forever. Help please. Need to run away from windows.

Running intel core i3 with 128g ssd 8gb ram and Intel uhd 625 graphics.

  • Do you have a dual GPU (intel and nvidia)? Or just intelHD onboard? if you have nVidia, please check my answer here in that case – Mudito Jan 29 at 19:28
  • just built in Intel UHD 625.its a laptop ps – Abs Jan 29 at 23:31
  • Can you try adding i915.modeset=0 to the kernel boot line (again, you can refer the post I linked above on how) – Mudito Feb 3 at 5:27
  • PS that didn't work. (I915.nomodeset=0) However tried enabling secure boot and fast boot - which worked! Would love to know the science behind it however :) – Abs Feb 7 at 8:40

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