I would like to use spell check extension in Code but have not find any place, how to add/remove languages (dictionaries). Can you help me, where is the config for this extension, and/or where to upload dict. files?

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I'll try to help with this one:

First, obviously, enable the extension in Code's Preferences.

enter image description here

Now, right-clicking inside a document will let you choose from one of the pre-existing languages:

enter image description here

If, like me, you might need a language that is not in the list, you can easely add it if you have the available dictonary files. The extension 'looks' for available languages inside /usr/share/hunspell/. Inside this folder, every language is represented by two files: .dic & .tiff.

One way to add new languages is by simply running a sudo apt install language command. For example, running sudo apt install hunspell-ro will add a new ro_ROentry to the 'Languages' menu in Code, and enable spell-checking for the Romanian language. I used this ArchWiki for a list of available extra language packs.

Another way is to simply copy the .dic & .tiff files (if you have them already from other sources) to /usr/share/hunspell/. There are numerous repositories online where you could get maybe updated? dictionaries. The LibreOffice dictionaries GitHub repo seems to contain some extra languages...

  • Vlad, Thank you! excellent answer
    – Petr
    Commented Jan 22, 2020 at 20:37

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