I got rid of Windows, so I need to install Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 using Wine. On Wine AppDB, it has silver status, but still I wasn't able to install it. The tutorials I found say “choose manual installation” but that button just doesn't exist (or at least isn't shown) in my case.

Here is a screenshot of how the installation menu is looking:

installation menu

I tried every wine version available in the AppCenter (playonlinux first!) but I couldn't get to the manual installation process. It would be so great to get this working. Can you help?

Thanks in advance! Jo

  • Hello Jo! This is a very specific question, you'll probably have better luck if you ask on AskUbuntu, since there isn't any difference between Wine on Elementary and on Ubuntu. Also, the test on Wine AppDB says “NatSpeak 11.5 installs pretty much flawlessly into a Windows 8 wineprefix.” Have you installed Dragon into a Windows 8 wineprefix? – m93a Jan 19 '20 at 18:26
  • Also: PlayOnLinux is a very broken app and probably isn't maintainied anymore. You can probably deal with the app just with pure Wine, but if you want a sandbox for Wine with good UI, try Lutris. – m93a Jan 19 '20 at 20:49

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