I am using elementary OS 5.1 Hera. The shortcut Super+T in previous versions (in elementary 5 and older) opened a new Terminal Window . Now it opens a new Tab in an existing Terminal Window (which in my case is most of the time on another workspace!) How can I change it back to open a new Terminal Window?

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The solution I found for the same problem is to make a new Custom shortcut - System settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Custom shortcut , click on the little + on the bottom left side of the right pannel, then add a custom command io.elementary.terminal -n and in the right of it click/tap the Disabled and then use Super+t. The system will inform you that you are about to change the default shortcut for the terminal command, you have to accept it and once you do this using the Super+t will open a new window instead of a new tab. If there is no terminal app opened and you have history into privacy & security enabled, the first time it will open all the tabs from your last session, and the next time will be a new window on the current space you are (before doing this it opens a new tab even if you are in another space then the terminal app is opened).

If this works for you, please accept the answer (click/tap on the grey thickbox on the left side), if it doesn't - post a comment what is happening or not. It is necessary to have the latest terminal version installed, use sudo apt update to check if you have updates for the terminal before you post a comment if this solution do not work for you.


This is a new change in behaviour introduced in a recent version of terminal, the -n flag is now needed to open a new window so the shortcut no longer opens a new window. You can revert to the previous behaviour by re-assigning super-t in settings to 'io.elementary.terminal -n'.

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