I have a 5.0 install that has upgraded to 5.1. since the initial install, I've never had the password prompt come up for getting back into the machine after locking. I verified that I do have locking turned on, and my account requires a password to login.

When locking, the screen will go to a lockscreen (after a long wait), but when I return and move the mouse or hit the keyboard, I'm immediately returned to my running session...no password needed.

While some would call this a feature, I kind need to be able to lock my screen. Any thoughts?

Thanks, Dave

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  • can you disable locking, reboot your system and then enable it again and check out does it work? I had a similar problem a long time ago and resolve it like this. – Bo rislav yesterday
  • I'll give it try shortly. Stay tuned. – codemutton 4 hours ago

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